Signature Courses

Champion - Sales Skills

Champion is a practice intensive, activity based two-day course that focuses on communication skills which enhance the customer experience and increases client acquisition rates. Participants will develop core sales skills that will help them to build trust quickly with customers, identify the broadest scope of customer needs, create value by connecting their solution to the customer's most compelling needs, and resolve even the most difficult objections in a way that enhances the client relationship.

Performance Leadership

Performance Leadership is a Management and Leadership skills course designed for the leaders within a team. The program is designed to provide leaders with a greater understanding of the nature and challenge of human performance development. Participants will walk away with greater awareness of how to communicate, observe, and interact in ways that consistently inspire and facilitate performers and managers to higher levels of performance, while simultaneously increasing trust and interpersonal connection.

Cultural Mastery

Cultural Mastery is a team building course designed to identify a central vision for the team and align common goals around achieving that vision. Included in the course are activities geared toward creating awareness of behaviors that support accountability, collaboration, and trust between team members, as well as developing communication skills that help to solve problems and manage conflict effectively within the team. Participants should expect to gain a clear sense of direction, unity, and guidance for enhancing interpersonal communication.

Healthy Leadership (Healthcare/Dentistry)

Healthy Leadership is a skills course designed specifically for leaders within the health care and dentistry field. Participants should expect to walk away with insight to the unique culture and leadership challenges in health care organizations, communication tools proven to elevate business results and team culture, an effective problem-solving model, and renewed inspiration for self-development.