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With over 10 years of professional training and coaching experience, our passion is transforming business through improving the quality of our relationships. Core Skills Consulting can help to radically improve your sales, customer experience, leadership capabilities, and create the team culture that makes you want to go to work everyday. Talk with us today about a customized Sales, Communication, Leadership, or Cultural workshop and individualized coaching! 

Our Approach

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities, followed by a thorough solution recommendation that includes strategic and customized team courses, training workshops and individualized coaching, a cost analysis, and timeline. 

Why Core Skills?

Core skills are the foundational behaviors that lead to performance. Once learned, a core skill (like Empathetic Listening, Framing, Creative Problem Solving) can be applied to many different practices. Developing a fluency in any core skill will allow a person to more quickly, and permanently, use and adapt that skill in multiple areas of the business. By starting with core skills training, we reduce time to performance, increase sales force readiness, and maximize ROI on training investment.

Owner Bio

Krista Schaad

Krista Schaad is the owner of Core Skills Consulting, professional training and coaching services dedicated to the transformation of business through improving the quality of our relationships. She specializes in Leadership Development and Sales Skills training, with over 12 years of experience in organizational training, performance consulting, coaching, facilitation, and public speaking. Krista has designed a set of core programs and facilitated hundreds of customized seminars and learning programs for organizations around the country. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Services and Women’s Studies, and certifications in Performance Leadership, effective problem solving and strategic planning from Synectics.

Street Cred

Andrew - Chief Performance Officer

Krista is one of the finest trainers and facilitators I've ever had the privilege to worth with. She has deep subject matter expertise in: Sales skills, Leadership skills, Inbound and outbound Call Center best practices, Creative problem-solving, and Instructional design. This expertise, combined with her quick wit and improvisational thinking allow her to capture the attention of both large groups and small. Participants in Krista's courses will always come away changed and wanting more. In addition, Krista takes "clientship" very seriously. As a consultant, she is there to serve her clients. She will always go the extra mile. She will always find a way to make sure her clients receive even more value than they expect. No one will ever regret hiring Krista. They will always want more of her.

Haley - Sales Consultant

Core Skills has so much to offer! Krista has had such a positive influence on me. After each interaction I always felt so enriched and inspired by her training. She is charismatic, extremely talented, admirable, and has made an impact in my life. She has a true talent and calling for training. She inspires others in a very authentic and compelling way. I am very grateful for the skills she has taught me and will be forever a better sales person having met her.

Bryce - Regional Business Director

Krista is one of the best people I have ever worked with. Her exceptional workflow, skills, imagination, and flexibility to the client made her an exceptional consultant and coach. I would recommend her with any project that requires the very best in training development execution. Her leadership and organizational skills were invaluable. She is a dedicated and goal oriented strategist who just GOT IT DONE. Krista made the impossible possible!

Kris - Small Business Owner

Krista is one of the business world’s truly great sales strategists, easily on par with the best of the sales coaches and sales strategists I have worked with. She is also a world-class human being who I would love to have the honor of working with again some day.

Jayne - Sales Consultant

I had the privilege of attending a number of leadership workshops and sales conferences facilitated by Core Skills. Their ability to present information, catered to different learning styles, helped drive the message and enhance the content. I appreciated the group sessions and the individual attention that was provided!

Mone - Sales Consultant

Krista is a passionate, empathetic, efficient, and effective professional that always finds a way to add value.  In my 20 years of sales and training, I have never come across a coach or trainer who is as intelligent, supportive, encouraging and humorous as she is.  She makes sure "no man is left behind" and she can demonstrate any skill set she is requiring of you. I owe a great deal of my success in digging deeper with my own clients to Krista. I would recommend her to any business seeking  to thrive and take their teams to the next level

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